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Divan is a simple blogging platform that is included with Diva as an example application.

It uses CouchDB (via the CouchDB-Python library) for storage.

It supports comments with OpenID authentication, pingbacks, Atom feeds for the whole blog, individual categories, and comments, and the Atom publishing protocol. It does not provide a HTML-based interface for authoring entries, nor does it support the XML-RPC based MetaWeblog API.

Setting Up

You'll need Diva, CouchDB (0.8 or later), and CouchDB-Python (trunk) installed. CouchDB needs to be running, and it needs to contain an empty database named "divan" (the name can be changed using a config option, see below).

Change into the examples/divan directory in the Diva source, and run:

$ PYTHONPATH=. ./divan/ -v
[INFO] diva.server: Serving <__main__.Blog object at 0x5c0290> on

This will install (or update) the view definitions in the database, and run the web application on http://localhost:8080/.

See the DevelopmentServer page for more server options.

Configuration Options

In addition to the core Diva options, Divan can be customized using the following options:

Name of the author of the blog
Email address of the blog author
Name of the blog
URI of the CouchDB database (for example
Path to a local directory where media resources (managable via AtomPub) are stored. If not set, media collection management is not provided.
The email address that moderation notification mails should be sent to
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