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     1= Upgrade Instructions =
     4A [TracEnvironment Trac environment] needs to be upgraded before it can be used with Trac 0.11. This document describes the steps necessary to upgrade an environment.
     6Environment upgrades are not necessary for minor version releases unless otherwise noted.
     9== Instructions ==
     11Typically, there are four steps involved in upgrading to a newer version of Trac:
     13=== Update the Trac Code ===
     15Get the new version as described in TracInstall, or your operation system specific procedure.
     17If you do a manual (not operating system specific) upgrade, you may also later on want to remove the existing Trac code by deleting the `trac` directory from the Python `lib/site-packages` directory.
     19The location of the site-packages directory depends on the operating system, and the location in which Python was installed. However, the following locations are common:
     20 * If you’re using Linux: /usr/lib/python2.X/site-packages
     21 * If you’re using Windows: C:\Python2.X\lib\site-packages
     22 * If you’re using MacOSX: /Library/Python2.X/site-packages
     24You may also want to remove the Trac `cgi-bin`, `htdocs`, `templates` and `wiki-default` directories that are commonly found in a directory called `share/trac` (the exact location depends on your platform).
     26> If you had the webadmin plugin installed, you can now uninstall it as it is now part of the Trac code base.
     29=== Upgrade the Trac Environment ===
     31After restarting, Trac should show the instances which need a manual upgrade via the automated upgrade scripts to ease the pain. These scripts are run via [TracAdmin trac-admin]:
     33trac-admin /path/to/projenv upgrade
     36This command will do nothing if the environment is already up-to-date.
     38Note that if you are using a PostgreSQL database, this command will fail with the message that the environment can only be backed up when you use an SQLite database. This means that you will have to backup the repository and the database manually. Then, to perform the actual upgrade, run:
     40trac-admin /path/to/projenv upgrade --no-backup
     43=== Update the Trac Documentation ===
     45Every [TracEnvironment Trac environment] includes a copy of the Trac documentation for the installed version. As you probably want to keep the included documentation in sync with the installed version of Trac, [TracAdmin trac-admin] provides a command to upgrade the documentation:
     47trac-admin /path/to/projenv wiki upgrade
     50Note that this procedure will of course leave your `WikiStart` page intact.
     52=== Trac Macros, Plugins ===
     53The Trac macros will need to be adapted, as the old-style wiki-macros are not supported anymore (due to the drop of ClearSilver and the HDF); they need to be converted to the new-style macros, see TracWikiMacros.
     56=== Restart the Web Server ===
     57If you are not running [wiki:TracCgi CGI], reload the new Trac code by restarting your web server.
     59== Known Issues ==
     60=== parent dir ===
     61If you use a trac parent env configuration and one of the plugins in one child does not work, none of the children work.
     63== Changing Database Backend ==
     64== SQLite to PostgreSQL ==
     66The [ sqlite2pg] script on [] has been written to assist in migrating a SQLite database to a PostgreSQL database
     68== Older Versions ==
     70For upgrades from former versions refer to wiki:0.10/TracUpgrade.
     73See also: TracGuide, TracInstall