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Request Handlers

A request handler is a neutral name for what some other frameworks call “controllers” or “views”. It is simply a Python function that accepts the request and response objects as parameters, and returns a response.

from diva.templating import output, render

def index(request, response):
    return render(message='Hello, world!')

This defines a function called index that will respond to requests by rendering the template index.html.

URL Parts as Parameters

Any dynamic parts of the URLs defined in the UrlRouting are passed to the request handler as additional parameters. For example:

from datetime import datetime
from diva import app
from diva.templating import output, render

def monthly(request, response, year, month):
    return render(month=datetime(year, month, 1))

app.routing.add('/archives/{year:\d+}/{month:\d+}/', monthly)

Note that in this particular case, the values for year and month are automatically converted to numbers, due to the use of the \d+ pattern in the route path.

Builtin Request Handlers

Diva comes with a couple of generic request handlers that can be used as-is with some parameterization.

Delegate request processing to a different WSGI application.
Send an HTTP redirect to a different URL
Serve static files from a specific directory
Serve a specific static file
Render a given template